We are Blackboard’s Open Source Division

Open source advantages

Moodlerooms enhances Moodle’s open source technology and builds on its capabilities to create a better learning experience.

Blackboard is the largest Moodle partner in the world

We have over 1,400 clients and 4 million active users

Seamlessly integrated with Blackboard solutions

The Moodlerooms experience is unique and compatible with predictive analytics (X-Ray Learning Analytics), videoconferencing (Collaborate), open source (Blackboard Open Content), user management (Genius) and services such as the Office 365 portfolio, among other tools.

Snap: Modern, streamlined, and easy to use.

  • Content is key: Snap provides you with better navigation and an intuitive interface that fully complies with accessibility parameters.

  • New user profile: Reduce the number of clicks needed to complete common tasks.

  • Easier searching: The new search feature allows users to go to courses, topics, activities, or specific resources to finish pending requests.

All your service expectations come true

  • Support services in case of technical problems and incidents.

  • Support and guidance during the implementation and maintenance of the platform.

  • Consultancy about solutions that will work better according to the type of organization.

  • Training programs for administrators.

  • Tutorials for end-users.

Quick and easy for migration from Moodle to Moodlerooms SaaS service.


Open source technologies have a positive impact on the teaching and learning processes or functions they support. Moodlerooms further enhances these advantages, with:

  • Continuous and fast improvement: The amount of Moodle Community users and developers is massive. Thousands of people propose and implement improvements based on their daily needs and provide prototypes by implementing them in thousands of institutions.
  • Moodlerooms reviews quality: Moodlerooms extends Moodle functionality and implements key integrations for a customized learning experience.
  • Flexibility: The ability to modify and extend software to comply with specific requirements is possible because of the available source code and development standards of  modifications. This ensures compatibility among versions and guarantees the correct application of these changes which does not affect other parts of the software or service.

Provider’s Independency

Ideally, an LMS provider’s technologies should meet an organization’s expectations. But, what happens when this is not the case? We can be satisfied with the technology, but not necessarily with the provider.

Moodle and Moodlerooms integrate most of the content standards, activity records, and data exchanges within the industry. Due to its open and inclusive nature, open source technology leads these initiatives and actively participates in their definition and implementation.

Blackboard supports Moodle, the world’s most popular open source LMS


Since 2012, Blackboard has helped other institutions to successfully manage their Moodle LMS thanks to its Moodlerooms open source division, which supports the extension of open source products and services.

  • Only Blackboard can support hosting Moodle in the cloud with stability of 99.9%, thanks to Blackboard Managed Hosting and the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Thanks to the partnership with Moodle, Blackboard contributes even more to the Moodle open source community and develops fully available improvements.
  • Through exclusive Blackboard integrations, Moodlerooms customers will benefit from the ongoing sharing of knowledge and the development of tools between Blackboard and Moodle.
  • Blackboard makes significant financial contributions to Moodle and is a leading host of community meetings through Moodlemoots.


We’re always listening, learning and improving.

Blackboard’s Support guarantees an increasingly solid Moodleroooms experiences

  • Blackboard Inc. is the world’s leading company in the field of online education technology since 1997.
  • 7 data centers in North America, Europe, and Pacific Asia.
  • Over 30 million end users.
  • 19,000 clients in over 100 cities around the world already use the Blackboard’s service and tools portfolio.
  • Blackboard has offices in 29 cities around the world with a growing presence in Latin America.
  • Blackboard has increased the opening of its own systems and policies by means of its open source division and now is an active leader in supporting open source standards through the IMS Global Learning Consortium.



Our compatible Moodle integrations allow endless possibilities.


Our integrations are compatible and adaptable to the Moodle experience. We understand teaching and learning needs and we have tools and solutions you need.

  • Blackboard Open Content: A tool that allows the use of the learning materials, as well as content, in several LMS environments and uploading them to the cloud.

  • Blackboard Collaborate: The most powerful videoconferencing tool on the market.

  • Conduit: A powerful tool that automates the user and course management process.

  • X-Ray Learning Analytics: A predictive analytics technology that goes way beyond statistics.

  • Office 365: An integration combining productivity and improvements of Office 365 with the customizable platform of Moodlerooms.

User Experience in Moodlerooms


Snap is a Moodle theme designed in by Moodlerooms to create a modern online teaching and learning experience.

Snap is a responsive theme, which means both learners and educators can use it on any device from desktop to mobile without having to install an app.

Snap’s user centered design makes learning more engaging for learners. Intuitive workflows make educators lives easier too. The educators can focus on teaching instead of figuring out to use the system.

Happier staff + happier learners = better learning

User friendly features

Much more than a Moodle theme. Snap extends Moodle’s functionality to better support the needs of learners and educators.

A truly Personal menu




Snap’s easy to use Personal menu gives users an elegant way to navigate, and perform frequent tasks. All your courses, deadlines, messages and feedback are always one click or tap away to save you time.

Snap’s Personal menu acts as your teaching and learning dashboard. This shows you all the vital information you need to get the most out of your teaching or learning.


Courses with personality

Every course in Snap let’s teachers add a cover image to give it a unique personality.

Simpler workflows with activity cards

Activity cards are one of the most popular features of Snap. Activity cards improve usability for learners and educators. Learners can quickly see if they submitted an activity, the deadline, and any feedback.

Activity cards show instructors how many people submitted and how many need grade feedback. Deadlines, completion, and feedback are displayed on the activity card, without having to click into the activity or report.

Simpler editing and content creation

We know you need flexibility to edit your courses, so we reduced the number of clicks needed to create content.

Branding with ease

Snap allows your organization to extend your unique brand, deliver a memorable teaching and learning experience, ensure consistent aesthetics, and provides sustainability for the future.


Born accessible

At Moodlerooms we believe accessibility should not be an afterthought.

Snap guarantees a great user experience for all users, regardless of disabilities. Snap meets a variety of world accessibility requirements for all users including keyboard accessibility, and full support of assistive technologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers, and speech-to-text solutions.

Built with open source standards

Snap is an open source Moodle theme, built with Bootstrap & jQuery two of the web’s most popular open source frameworks, so developers can dive straight in.

Moodlerooms SaaS for a better experience

How does it work?

Moodlerooms operates under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modality and provides the following:


Moodlerooms offers more than other SaaS providers

Moodlerooms, apart from being the open source division largest Moodle Partner, is supported by the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as Blackboard’s datacenters around the world.

The Moodlerooms SaaS modality uses large-scale technologies such as cloud computing, and very high operating and security standards in order to comply with the availability levels and features. Moodlerooms also relies on a dedicated, certified staff that specializes in managing, operating, maintaining, and supporting the platform (global support in different languages).

The Hosting service of the platform will rely on the size and geographic location of each client.

Additionally, the Moodlerooms’ team has incident documentation allowing classification by emergency category. The customer is then informed of an approximate response time. Moodlerooms’ reliability and experience as a provider results in agility and efficiency of processes. Lastly, the global teams in all regions of the world provide support in order to meet the customers’ requirements at different levels and through different communication channels.



Platform support can be provided in three ways:

  • Administrator support: Site administrators can log in to the Moodlerooms support portal to submit support tickets anytime, anywhere.
  • End-user support: Users have access to video tutorials and documentation provided by Moodlerooms. For further questions, users can contact the institution’s site administrator to receive a support ticket.
  • Community support: With more than 70 million Moodle users worldwide, Moodlerooms’ users can find answers from the Moodle Community support forums, where solutions to problems faced by the community are generally provided.

Services and Benefits

  • Dedicated Client Engagement Team: A dedicated team listening and watching over the customer’s interests, as well as clarifying doubts and taking clients throughout the entire implementation process. In addition, the team provides consulting services on the best solutions depending on the type of organization.
  • Training: The Moodlerooms team helps clients during the whole training process with a thorough training plan for functionality and scope of the platform.
  • Customization: In order to fully meet your platform needs, Moodlerooms can create customizations regarding feature functionality and extensions, for the purpose of offering a broader portfolio of teaching and learning capabilities.

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